OSIS Augmentation and Relief Sewer (OARS), Phase 2

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Delivery System(s):
General Contractor
$76.9 million
Completion Date:
June 2015
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  • Constructing 3, 30-foot shafts
  • Installing 6 submersible pumps
  • Constructing a River Outfall Structure
  • Constructing pump electrical building, bridge crane and relief structure

Trumbull will be completing the construction of three deep shafts at separate locations throughout downtown Columbus, Ohio, as part of the OSIS Augmentation and Relief Sewer Project. The shafts are thirty feet in diameter and 150 feet below the surface. They are being connected to an existing twenty-foot diameter tunnel that was built in Phase 1 by tunneling approximately 100 feet horizontally from the bottom of each shaft. At the surface, an inlet structure connects the existing OSIS Sewer Line to the new shafts and tunnel.

Trumbull Corporation is installing six submersible pumps in a shaft constructed during Phase 1, which will empty the tunnel after an overflow event and transport the water to the Jackson Pike Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP). Additionally, Trumbull is constructing a River Outfall Structure (ROS) that will allow the combined sewer to overflow to the nearby Scioto River in the event that the waste-water cannot be transported to Jackson Pike WWTP. The contract also involves building a pump electrical building, bridge crane, and the Scioto-Main Relief Structure which can be used as a bypass.