The drive toward sustainable building in an era of energy conservation awareness has become a nationwide effort--often referred to as the “green building” movement. The PJ Dick, Trumbull, and Lindy Paving Companies support this movement and have been leaders in sustainable construction techniques since the mid 1980s. As contractors, we are compelled to find innovative strategies, materials, and resources that promote energy conservation and recycling.

One of our earliest applications was the use of fly ash for heavy and highway embankments and fill; but now we utilize fresh air diffusers, solar panels, storm water collection systems, and similar state-of-the-art conservation mechanisms. We have continued to advance our capabilities to where we manufacture synthetic aggregates and use those aggregates in our asphalt paving mixes and laydown operations.

Pittsburgh, PA ranks third in the nation for green building projects. Of the 300 projects certified by the USGBC, 37 of them are in Western PA. We expect to continue to build many more in this area and in the surrounding states.