Trumbull's Route 28 project progressing


The Route 28 project is progressing through Phase 3, which includes the construction of the 31st St Bridge and the construction of three architecturally faced retaining walls. The 31st St Bridge has the stay-in-place forms and overhangs installed as well as partial rebar placement. The first bridge deck placement has been completed and there are three more to follow. This will allow for the bridge to be partially opened from River Avenue to Penn Avenue at the end of May. The remaining portion of the bridge is scheduled to be complete by the beginning of August.

The major portion of the roadway excavation is almost complete. This cut will provide for the mainline of Route 28 to run under the newly constructed 31st St Bridge. The work in this area also includes three architecturally faced retaining walls. The walls will have a random stone pattern and will be painted similar to the adjacent walls that have previously been completed. The walls are scheduled to be complete by the end of July.

The final paving for the project is expected to be completed by the end of October and the overall completion date is scheduled for the end of December.