Sony TV Manufacturing Facility

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Delivery System(s):
General Contractor
$39 million
Completion Date:

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PJ Dick provided General Construction and Design-Build services to Sony Corporation of America for the construction of a new 35” television tube manufacturing facility within a portion of an existing, abandoned automobile facility. The facility manufactures rear projection televisions as well as other electronic equipment. PJ Dick’s first contract was for the renovation of approximately 260,000 sf of space for the assembly area. Additional work included structural modifications, roofing upgrades, and the installation of a water treatment facility in the existing central utility plant. Phase 2 and Phase 3 contracts were for the installation of aperture grille lines. Both aperture grille manufacturing projects contained a print room constructed to clean room specifications. The first line involved the installation of 65,000 gsf for Grille Line #1, which manufactures the mask for television screens from raw material to final product. PJ Dick’s scope of work on this project also included approximately $10 million of mechanization.

The second line involved the installation of 60,000 gsf for Grille Line #2, which was delivered under a design-build delivery system. PJ Dick subcontracted the equipment installation on this project. PJ Dick direct hired and managed the work of all trades including carpenters, laborers, finishes, millwrights and ironworkers. Electrical and pipe fitting work was subcontracted.

A packaging and shipping system was also part of the project, which included a conveyor and elevator system to package and lower the finished product to floor level. Subsequent to the three major contracts, PJ Dick was awarded several additional facilities maintenance and repair projects throughout the plant. A few of these projects included installation of concrete slabs and trenches, installation of 11 dock doors that involved demolition, new elevators, miscellaneous steel and concrete work, and carpentry, in addition to the standing repair/maintenance work.

Trumbull Corporation performed construction and design-build services for multiple projects at the Sony Corporation facility. The scope of work included excavation, mine grouting, drainage, paving and landscaping.