Charleroi Lock and Dam

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Delivery System(s):
General Contracting
$110 million
Completion Date:
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  • New 884-foot river lock wall
  • “In the wet” construction
  • Installation of state-of-the-art batch plant and conveyor system
  • 78-inch and 54-inch drilled shafts
  • 120-ton precast empty culverts

Trumbull Corporation, in a Joint Venture with Brayman Construction, constructed a new concrete batch plant and lock wall at The Charleroi Lock and Dam on the Monongahela River. The constructed batch plant had the capability of producing 300 cubic yards per hour of project specific concrete and utilized a 2,000-foot conveyor system to deliver the concrete to the project site within three minutes of batching.

The new lock wall that was built is 884 feet long, 35 feet wide and 52 feet high, with 54-inch and 78-inch drilled shafts supporting the wall. The drilled shafts and portions of the lock wall were built “in the wet” using underwater formwork and tremie concrete techniques. Additionally, portions of the new lock wall were constructed "in the dry" utilizing king piles and cofferdams. These areas facilitated the construction of the intricate gallery areas and the placement of precast empty culverts weighing in excess of 120 tons. These areas will be incorporated into future contracts to operate the new lock system.