Headquartered in New Galilee, Pennsylvania, Lindy Paving, Inc. is widely recognized as the largest asphalt paving contractor and manufacturer in Western Pennsylvania. The addition of Lindy in 1998 complemented our distinct, family-owned representation of companies by expanding and consolidating all asphalt production and lay-down capabilities under one roof.

Since 1979, Lindy has consistently delivered award-winning asphalt paving and product manufacturing. In 2009, Lindy became the first company in the nation to be a three-time Sheldon G. Hayes Award winner. This award is bestowed upon the contractor of the best highway-paving project in the United States as selected by the National Asphalt Paving Association (NAPA).

Lindy’s unique understanding of both technical and quality control issues drives its success as a paving contractor. As an industry leader and innovator in asphalt lay-down techniques, Lindy’s expertise is regularly called upon by state and national agencies and major equipment manufacturers in their development of programs and products.

Lindy, also a leading manufacturer of quality asphalt products, operates multiple PA-based asphalt plants in Pittsburgh, Neville Island and Beaver County. These plants facilitate the production of any mix design for commercial, municipal or state projects and support “will call” sales to independent contractors.

Currently, our plants produce up to 600 tons of asphalt mix per hour and offer six silos to meet storage needs. Constant investment in new technology not only improves the quality of our asphalt mix, but also minimizes truck-in-yard times. The result: difficult paving and milling requirements and schedules for roadways, interstate highways, and parking lots occur on time and on budget.

The essence of Lindy’s business philosophy is partnership. Through our focus on owner cooperation and partnering, we consistently provide the industry’s best of class customer service through exceptional product and project management.

Our extensive experience and service offering includes:

  • Asphalt Production
  • Asphalt Paving
  • Pavement Design and Milling
  • Seal Coating
  • Quality Control and Testing Services