PJ Dick Incorporated offers our clients a wealth of services and our professionals work with you to determine what type of services will best meet your needs. Our services include:

Negotiated General Contracting and General Contracting
Our staff of project managers, superintendents, and foremen has an impressive reputation as construction leaders. PJ Dick’s resume includes hundreds of projects awarded both through owner negotiations and by the traditional low-bid approach. In either case, before and after award, we are committed to partnering towards a successful project that we and the owner are proud of.
Construction Management at Risk
As the name implies, when we provide construction management at risk services, we assume the risk of completing the project for a specified amount. We are able to provide this security to the owner because we assume greater control of the project, typically self-performing certain key portions of the work.
Construction Management - Agency
Acting as the owner’s agent, PJ Dick oversees and controls the project, from general contractor and subcontractor bidding and selection to the final closeout of the project. PJ Dick has provided agency construction management services on over $500 million of construction since 1998.
PJ Dick’s approach to preconstruction is based on the premise that the quality and completeness of our preconstruction efforts are directly proportional to the success of our projects. PJ Dick provides preconstruction services either for a fee or as part of the negotiated package price for the complete project. The goal of our preconstruction team is to ensure that the design team fulfills the owner’s needs at the lowest cost.
Under this contract format, both design and construction are in the hands of one entity, creating a single point of responsibility. The design-build format is ideally suited to fast-track projects.
Facility and Asset Management
Through the application of proven best practices, performance metrics and properly applied technologies, our professionals can help organization: gain efficiencies, improve sustainability and maximize investments in facilities and infrastructure.