A Better Process

Virtual Construction is much more than a technology; it is a better process of building. Here is how we do it:

Clear and open communication

We communicate openly and honestly with all stakeholders including owners, architects, engineers, subcontractors, suppliers, and our own crafts people using the Building Information Model as the central point of reference.

Integrated teamwork

We work to find and eliminate issues early through detailed constructability analysis and through 3D coordination with our subcontractors.

Eliminate waste in the process

We believe in constant and never ending improvement, “Kaizen”. Using 4D simulations we improve planning and optimize schedule to eliminate waste from the building process thereby reducing time and cost while ensuring a high standard of quality.

Dependable central project database

In order to communicate clearly and openly; in order to have integrated teamwork; in order to eliminate waste from the process you need to have a centralized location where all team members can collaborate using the same up to date project information. In conjunction with the Building Information Model, we achieve this through our use of web-based project collaboration tools.

Make things clear through certainty

Combining this better building process with the Building Information Model and central project database of information allows all project team members to “see” and understand the project better; helping everyone to make the most timely and effective decisions possible for a successful project.