Here are some testimonials from our employees...

“My experience as an intern at Trumbull Corporation showed me the ins and outs of a construction company. The experience helped me to make a decision about my career that college alone could not provide."

Angelo Castellano
Project Engineer
Trumbull Corporation

“Keeping the many new employees happy over the years has taken commitment. The Companies have always tried to make them feel included as part of the family without changing the company culture. It’s just a great place to work.”

Stephen Clark
Executive Vice President of Finance
Trumbull Corporation

“The ownership and management team really, really value people.”

Corey Deible
Lindy Paving Incorporated

“I am always proud to tell anyone where I work. I love my job. Everything the Companies do, it’s all about the people. They’re just so nice to us. It’s never changed, either.”

Carol Holzer
Claims Administrator
Trumbull Corporation

“This assignment contributed to my professional development in a big way by allowing me to see what a job in construction would be like. It helped me to find what I like and don’t like about the field and it will also help me when making future career decisions.”

Mike Quarantillo
Co-Op Student
Trumbull Corporation

"Working at Trumbull Corporation has proven to be a great asset toward further developing my professional career. The Co-op Program has enabled me to work closely with engineers in various departments, allowing valuable insight into the world of construction. This experience has been a perfect complement to my college education."

Paroma Saha
Intern & Co-Op Student
Trumbull Corporation

“I love coming to work. I enjoy it because Clifford Rowe and his entire family always make us feel valued, and as though we are part of the family.”

John Taormina
Manager of K-12/CM Services Group
P. J. Dick Incorporated