The Companies are committed to training and developing employees at all levels of the organization. We realize that our employees are our most valuable asset and we consider our Training Development Program to be a wise investment in our future.

Our commitment to safety and accident-free work sites is a top priority. Employees are encouraged to seek professional certification and licenses appropriate for their career that will enhance their safety knowledge, work performance, and professional credentials.

As union contractors, our Companies support the formal Apprenticeship Training Programs administered under union guidelines. We work closely with the unions to offer opportunities for Apprentices and Jopurneymen to work on our job sites. We help the unions to spread the word about their Apprenticeship programs, which generally run for 3 to 5 years in duration. Construction unions typically serve more than one geographical area and county,so the ability to travel easily with a reliable vehicle is expected of every union member.

In order to enter most of the union Apprentice programs, applicants must contact the union directly to see if that union is accepting new members. There are membership application fees, interviews, forms, and often aptitude tests associated with joining a construction trade union. The various local union contacts are provided below.


Greater Pittsburgh Regional Council of Carpenters -
Cement Masons - call them directly at (412) 761-6310
Electricians -
Ironworkers -
Laborers District Council of Western PA -
Operating Engineers -
Painters/Drywallers - call them directly at (412) 276-5758
Pile drivers - call them directly at (412) 922-6208
Teamsters Joint Council- call them directly at (724) 266-8341
Bricklayers/Masons/Tile Setters -

Alternative Contacts: The Builder's Guild of Western PA at (412) 921-9000.
The Human Resources Department of our Companies can also be reached at (412) 807-2340.

A new virtual online Pennsylvania apprenticeship training program is underway for the heavy/highway industry! Check out the program at

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